About us

Fed up with the exorbitant cost of designer leather goods we decided that there had to be a better way. While many people want beautiful leather accessories, many on the market are unaffordable and few of us have the time it takes to hunt out designer bargains on the auction sites. We thus created a range of leather goods - hand made to the finest quality - at reasonable prices. How did we do this? First we make our products ourselves and sell direct, so there are no middle agents. Second, and perhaps more excitedly to us, we work hard to source leather offcuts and discards that we can turn into beautiful items, thus passing on savings through buying inexpensive yet quality raw materials.

Bringing you closer to the source

With globalisation and global logistics we’ve all witnessed massive growth in goods from lower cost economies. Although this brings short term gain to consumers and some financial gain to those economies, the gap between maker and buyer is vast with numerous steps along the supply chain. As such we lose sight of those making our products and rarely understand how much of our purchase contributes to the right people along the way.

In an effort to avoid this blind approach to consumerism we set out to create a range of accessories made by us, from ethically sourced materials. We bring traditional craftsmanship to these materials creating products made to last a lifetime rather than a season. And because we limit middlemen we bring reasonable prices to you without diluting the funding that allows us to bring you this beautiful products in the first place.

Hand stitched in Sydney, Australia

All our leather items are made by hand in our Sydney studio. Starting with the highest quality, ethically sourced leather, we apply classic saddle stitching techniques. This technique avoids subtle damage to leather caused by machines, and gives a stitch that is beautiful to look at and super strong. This is the type of stitching that lasts for years, and should the stitching get damaged the integrity of the product will remain and can easily be repaired.

Natural Leather

Although we are mindful of imperfections in a piece of leather when we make an item, we don’t consider scaring and other marks to be worth discarding a piece of leather over. Behind every piece of leather was a living animal that deserves the respect of understanding where it came from. As such we consider marks like these unique features in our items and in our view only make an item more unique and beautiful. Most of our customers feel the same. We hope you do too.

Accessories without the attitude

We’ve also curated a small number of great accessories to pair with your leather goods.

Armed with the right accessories, we think that anyone can take the guesswork out of being stylish. Sophisticated but never fussy, these are the details that will up your game and take your look effortlessly to the next level. We’ve made sure to keep them understated but on trend, with just the right dose of New York cool and Tokyo flair. Best of all, they’ll deliver superior quality without breaking the bank.